Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coffee Table Book: Richard Goodman's "French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France"

My good friend Kristin over at Holy Cannoli Recipes is a frequent Book Sale attendee at our local public library. Once a month, she heads over and scours the tables set up in the lobby for unloved books needing new homes.

Last month, we were riding in the car when she mentioned, "Oh, hey, I grabbed a book for you at the book sale. The title's French so I thought you'd like it." Now, I may have mentioned this before but in case you don't remember or I never actually vocalized it, I don't speak a lick of French. Naturally, I thought Kristin was either confused or joking when she said the French-titled book was for me. What she had grabbed, though, was really a book about France, and thankfully not written in French.

Goodman's simplicity is what makes this book such a great read. He shares his experience of up-and-leaving his fast-paced, big-city life for a year of the serene, simple French countryside. His experimentation with gardening is what roots him (literally) to the unknown country and people that he grows so fond of.

Conclusion: As an Amazon reviewer says (yes, I agree so much that I decided to quote it here), it's like "a gentle adventure for the spirit ... part travelogue, part gardener's journal, part pilgrimage ..." A refreshingly simple read.

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  1. Thanks for the nice things you say about my book and thanks for taking the time to write about it. Richard Goodman