Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cafe Kugafu

So I mentioned in a tweet yesterday that I was setting out for an afternoon of getting lost and finding little cafes and boy did I (on both accounts)! I've been blessed enough to have a good friend from the states (Hi, Kara!) get stationed here on Okinawa with her husband and I've really enjoyed experiencing new things here with them both. She was kind enough to join me on the adventure yesterday and it was nice to have "girl-talk" away from the world in a really cozy place.

I had originally read about Cafe Kugafu online at OkinawaHai, a great blog with many contributors to help everyone find his/her place here on the island. The cafe is tucked away just past Yaese Town, in Nanjo City. When I say tucked away, I mean, if you're not looking exactly for the building, you will most likely not find it. It's located on the bottom floor of the apartment complex (pretty in [white and] pink!) shown below.

These are the signs you might see from the road, but most likely will enjoy seeing upon entering the small, grassy parking lot. 


Here is the front of the cafe - so lush and beautiful! 

After an hour and a half driving (a 35-minute trip), we were not only hungry, but happy to have such an inviting, adorable little cafe. I didn't take any pictures of the inside (aside from the food), but I have to share the details: books (some in Japanese, some in English) were tucked on shelves, toys were available for kids, and light jazzy/indie music played in the background. There was room for maybe 10 people, eight at "max comfortability." The counter you pay at is also the bar with the kitchen running off to one side of it. 

The menus were mostly in Japanese with the occasional English translation. We selected the homemade rosemary bagels with sliced ham, tomato, basil and cheese. Yum! The basil and tomato tasted like they were fresh out of the garden. The bagels were accompanied by a couple small slices of pineapple and a sprig for decoration. 

We had fun not only picking lunch from a mostly-Japanese menu, but we also got to pick our coffee the same way. Since Kara's not a huge fan of the average coffee/tea (and prefers the "sweeter" life when it comes to said beverages), we asked the waitress what would be best and she quickly suggested (in surprisingly clear English) the iced lattes with a flavored syrup. Never ones to say no, Kara went for the caramel and I, the hazelnut.

To make up for not having mozzarella for our bagels (as advertised on the menu), the waitress brought us a small dish of complimentary what-we-believed-to-be coffee Jello. Not quite my cup of tea, but it was a sweet (pun intended) apology nonetheless. 

We paid at the register (¥750 ~ a little over $9 USD) before leaving. As a habit, I like to check out the restrooms in restaurants/cafes. I find they're often a good indicator of the character behind the establishment. (Quirky, I know.) The bathroom here was a single, unisex one. It was fairly simple, but with a home-y touch: pink floral votive holders (I have the same set that I bought back home at IKEA), framed prints, and a handful of postcards on the wall. The postcards were definitely my favorite touch. Here's one that made me smile:

"Look at the sky tonight. I'm singing stars for you!"


  1. Fun day with a super fun person! <3
    (And that makes me miss IKEA!!)

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've enjoyed my visit here and will be back to visit again soon. Interesting to read about Japan. My step son is an exchange student this year in Osaka.

  3. I agree with Julie, it's so interesting to read about Japan, I hope you share more of your daily life with us. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following you back and looking forward to more great posts! Have a wonderful weekend!