Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seeking Sweets in Okinawa: Part I

It's been a beautiful (though slightly muggy) weekend in Okinawa. I was bummed to only get one day with my hubby as he had duty (that's 24 hours of being at work ... the day before Monday - ick). So! Since we knew we only had the day, we chose to seize it.

When we moved here, we began a list of things to do and places to see. One of the places was Okinawa Yoho, a local honey shop. It's located about two miles from our house and, as usual, tucked in a string of cement buildings off the road. Here's the entrance to it:

(If you can't read the sign, just look for the bee!)

When we entered the shop, we heard a chime announce our arrival, but no one was to be found. The shop was tiny, but well-stocked with products. Everything was written in Japanese so we tried to infer as much as we could from the packaging. 

We suddenly heard footsteps and I had just enough time to snap the photo above before a little, elderly Japanese woman emerged from a side room. She apologized quickly ("gomennasai!") before starting our honey tasting. She squirted dollops of different honeys into our disposable spoons and explained each honey  - in Japanese! Like many "lost in translation" moments, we just nodded and smiled a lot - not hard with how tasty it all was. 

We had the tough task of choosing which honey to bring home - 100% local Okinawan honey? Blueberry honey? Or how 'bout what the saleswoman said was "cookie honey"? Ultimately, we bought one that tasted like vanilla-brown sugar honey. Mmmm!

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