Monday, October 25, 2010

Seeking Sweets in Okinawa: Part II

You didn't really think we could stop at just honey, did you?

Next it was down the street to Patisserie!

Typical Okinawa, a very tall, very typhoon-proof building that houses a dojo upstairs and Patisserie downstairs.

When we entered the shop, we were happy to see a wide variety of yummies behind a refrigerated glass case. We couldn't necessarily read all of the labels, but much of it was intuitive (cheesecake, tiramisu, and assorted log cakes, including green tea). The rest all looked like they'd be scrumptious surprises. 

One wall was covered with baskets loaded with packaged fresh cookies, muffins, and other baked goods. I was approached by a very friendly saleswoman who (wordlessly) offered me a basket. Good thing hubby was there to keep my baked-good buying in check or I may just have filled a basket!

To keep Patisserie special, we decided to only try one thing at a time (so we have more things to look forward to next time). Our bag held two apple turnovers, fresh that day from the oven, with buttery layers and gooey apple-chunk centers. They would have been delicious with a hot mug of tea or coffee, but I couldn't contain myself and devoured enjoyed it bite by bite for dessert.

Before leaving, I wanted to snap just one more photo - this time, of their adorable Halloween display. Just as a took it, a young Okinawan girl visiting the shop with her family kind of "leaned" (shyly, but purposefully) into the photo. I smiled and pointed to her and then to the display. She nodded and let me take her photo next to it. It was a sweet moment - again, with no words needed. :)

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  1. I wrote you a REALLY long comment and my browser crashed just as I was posting it. :(

    I love the bakeries here - a friend brought me a basket of goodies to the hospital when I had Cadence so it holds a special place in my heart. Our favorite bakery is on the way to Torii Station - take 58 north through Kadena Circle, turn left on the 6. There's a big bakery on the lefthand side - if you get to Torii Station's gate you've gone too far. You should try it out! There's also a chain called Petits Fours and they are all really delicious (and beautiful, too!).

    The bakeries here are awesome because they are sooo much about presentation. My eyes love eating in Okinawa. ;) And aren't the locals awesome?! Love the people here. Except for the cranky old men - I understand their crankiness but I'm still not crazy about them. Hehehe