Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Although a little late, I want to wish all of my "cafe patrons" a fabulous start to 2011 and continued peace, love, and joy throughout the new year.

There's been a lot "cooking" over here at the cafe, including many new kitchen toys to be tested and resuming a vegetarian lifestyle. That's right: no meat. 

I will continue to post dishes that I make that contain meat as my husband is still a carnivore (that word itself now seems monstrous, or at least - dinosaur-us?). I hope to discover a more vast world of delicious vegetarian fare than what I've been used to. 

I'm also considering some tutorial videos if there is any interest.

Finally, I start a new (albeit part-time) job this Thursday. I'll be helping local Japanese students sharpen their English skills. I'm so excited to not only get back into the working world, but to hopefully really get to know Okinawans and their culture better.  

So, as they say in Japan, KAMPAI!


  1. I look forward to seeing your new recipes that can be converted for those meat eaters like Pat. I have been trying to do vegetarian for a while now but we have met halfway and we eat vegetarian every other day, unless I can sneak it in more than once, like pizza and pasta. I would love to see recipes that work good with meat but are still satisfying without it, without having to spend extra time in the kitchen. I cannot wait to see what your new gadgets are!

  2. I like videos and vegetables! Looking forward to trying some of your new recipes on girls' nights! :D