Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Cookin'?

I apologize if the cafe seems a little slow these days. The past few weeks have been crazy, to say the least. As you are well aware, the people of Japan have suffered greatly at the hands of Mother Nature. Here on Okinawa, we have remained safe, but have certainly been affected in other ways. Many servicemembers have been deployed to mainland to help provide aid. Very, very thankfully, I am happy to say that hubby was able to stay here on island with me. We would both gladly provide any help we could, but it is a relief to not have to worry about radiation exposure while trying to do a good thing.

The outpouring of support has been awesome, both here on island and from afar. Schools here had hallways lined with goods to send. Back home (in the states), people were organizing bake sales. I was so proud to hear that one of my favorite bands, Pink Martini, held a benefit concert that was so popular, they ended up offering a second show the very same day. 

Because of the emergency up north, flights have been a mess. I mentioned forever ago (here) that the girls I met during hubby's TBS days were truly blessings. We agreed back then that we'd have reunions every year to bridge the gap of time apart. This year, we're supposed to meet in California. And it's supposed to begin tomorrow. 

I've been trying for a week to get out there and am getting antsy about the fact that the girls will only be in CA for a few more days. So, please forgive me for being a little "slow in the kitchen," but know that things are definitely still cookin'. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bon Appetit - for cheap! ($4!)

I have GOT to share this with y'all!

I mentioned a while back that my sister-in-law and her husband gifted a one-year Bon Appetit subscription to hubby and me. I had never even so much as flipped through one on a newsrack, but was thrilled when we finally had them coming to the house. They're loaded with great info - recipes, photos, stories, buzz about new gadgets/restaurants. (I especially love the step-by-step "how-to technique" section in the back.)

I also love couponing/saving money. If you haven't checked out The Krazy Coupon Lady yet - please - do it now. I can't boast enough about how great those ladies are. (Their coupon binder template completely changed the way I shop!)

They have a daily email that goes out with current deals and today I hit the jack pot!

Bon Appetit one-year subscription retails for: $54
Automatic 55% discount (-$30.01): $23.99
Enter coupon code FOOD for (-$20):
(That's almost 93% off the original subscription price!)

Click HERE and and then click buy. Enter your information and, when prompted, enter coupon code FOOD.

(I imagine this offer won't last long, but I encourage you to take advantage of it while you can!)

P.S. I received nothing for this post. Bon Appetit probably doesn't even know my name.
I just happen to think they're really great. :)